Your Go-To Guide to the Best Diesel Gear & Accessories

Your Go-To Guide to the Best Diesel Gear & Accessories

There are almost 7.5 million diesel vehicles across the US, and that number is growing. Diesel truck driving inspires fierce loyalty. It sounds different and feels different.

Maybe you fell in love the first time you heard that diesel engine roar in "Smokey and the Bandit." Maybe "Cars" is more your speed. Either way, once you get a taste of Rudolf Diesel's slow-burning, heavy-duty engine, it's hard to go back.

As with most things people are passionate about, you probably want to display your loyalty somehow. Show off your diesel love with diesel gear.

Here's a guide to the best and freshest gear and accessories.

Give 'Em the Boot

Dress up your rugged lifestyle with boots for every occasion. Show off your patriot pride in squared off camo boots with an American flag patch on the front and back. A monochromatic color scheme is subtle and cool.

Get heavy-duty with high-tech work boots. Chunky details and contrasting stitch accents look as good as they wear.

And don't forget date night. Peekaboo cutouts and straps update a classic bootie profile. As pretty as they are, they're equally durable, up for wherever your date takes you.


Whether it's cutesy or pirate-y or perfectly grim, nothing says face-shredding-power quite like a skull. Get all your diesel power gear with a skull on top.

Keep your wine chilled in a shiny black skull tumbler. Keep your coffee hot until it's bone dry in a skull thermos.

Put skulls on your baby with a romper, on your head with a ball cap, on your truck with a skull-faced hitch cover or mud flaps.

Everyone's a skull deep down, after all.


Bumper stickers they ain't. Brand your diesel with personalized decals.

Show off your love of vintage tattoo art with tattoo style decals. Or if you're more of a gamer, slap a pixelated logo on your rear cab window glass.

You can never have too many antler racks or American flags. And have a little fun by poking fun with decals that call out rubberneckers.

You don't have to keep your diesel love to your truck. Decals are also great for customizing your computer. Give your laptop a diesel power up.

Stuff for Your Diesel Dog

Don't leave out your most loyal road dog. Outfit your pup in diesel gear too.

Train your dog on a camo leash and matching collar. Contrasting hunter orange will pop against his fur.

Fido will also look great in a graphic print bandana. Change up his after-grooming fashion staple.

There's Diesel Gear for Every Occasion

From head to toe, truck to pet, there's diesel gear for everyone and every occasion. Freshen up your footwear with diesel power boots. Put skulls and decals and skull decals on anything that needs that special something.

Stock up on gear by browsing our gear collection. While you're at it, join the Diesel Club to rack up points and get birthday perks.

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    Where is the best place to get aftermarket parts and accessories for first Gen dodges (89-93) don’t see too many aftermarket parts for them

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