Your Guide to the Best Diesel Truck Technology

Your Guide to the Best Diesel Truck Technology

Diesel trucks have taken a lot of heat in the past for their effect on the environment and the amount of fuel they use up.

But diesel trucks are still reliable vehicles. After all, their engines don't require a large water supply or a long warm-up period, and are highly efficient in converting heat energy.

Maybe that's why engineers are still working towards making improvements to create the best diesel truck. Want to find out the latest developments in diesel technology? Read on to learn more:

Hydrogen Injection Systems in the Best Diesel Truck

A propriety hydrogen injection system was installed into a diesel truck recently, and the results were outstanding. After being installed and tested with an oil truck, improvements were observed in areas like mileage and maintenance.

The mileage increased around 7.2- 8.4 miles, which may increase the lifespan of engines. This technology helps address the issue of diesel trucks being environmentally unfriendly.

Lower Emission Technology

A big problem with diesel is the amount of noxious emissions it lets out. However, there have been advances towards solving this problem.

In fact, a system has been created to promote a low pollutant diesel operation. The system starts with replacing the regular injection system with a common rail injection system with higher pressure. This allows for multiple injections per cycle.

A truck engine with this sort of system is predicted to have improved fuel consumption. CO2 emissions will be lowered too.

After-Treatment Technology

These treatments aim to reduce the emissions of a diesel engine.

In a perfect world, the best diesel truck wouldn't have any emissions. Since that isn't the case, there are more systems being created that may help reduce those emissions before they are released into the environment.

Bosch has created a NOx storage converter that is included in a modular system. This converter is ideal for urban settings. It aids in reducing both low-temperature and high-temperature exhaust emissions.

Cylinder Firing Technology

Cylinder deactivation has already been experimented with for some time. Essentially, it helps with the number of cylinders firing off in the engine at one time.

This technology also helps in controlling the temperature of the exhaust. Plus, it allows for the cylinder deactivation to be controlled by digital signal processing.

Turbo Lag Preventative Technology

The newest electric turbochargers help improve turbo lag that is created by a combination of low engine load and speed.

This technology will make diesel truck engines more efficient at low speed. At the same time, it helps boost the fuel economy of the diesel engine.

A Changing Compression Ratio

Compression ratio is a big part of keeping a diesel engine stable. The ratio is used for starting the engine and even warming it up. In some conditions, the ratio can also decrease emissions and fuel consumption.

But the ratio cannot always stay the same as a range in the ratio is necessary to stabilize conditions. Technology is working towards creating change in the compression ratio for operating purposes.

More Diesel News

Diesel trucks can be some of the most reliable on the market. With the constant improvements in the diesel engine industry, they are just getting better.

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