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Diesel Dave -

Bash Brothers!

Went to the Military to buy some of their old 5 ton trucks. These things are AWESOME!! They will go wherever whenever!

Don't worry, we will make sure to put them to the test to back that up.




  • Josie Preston

    We love you’re show can’t wait for our order to come in so we can put you’re Decal on our deisel truck.

  • Juan Polanco

    I love your show .

  • chris reinhold

    Love your show.your team builds the racist trucks I ever seen …I had a truck that I used to plow with And sand till my trans blew I can’t find a trans for my truck I am on as I not able to work I fell off a roof broke my shoulder and my elbo have 8 screws and a metal plate holding it in place I want to get a deisel truck to use for plowing. I would like to enter your give aways I can’t afford a new truck or a new trans to fix my old truck now I have no truck so I’m stuck trying to get rides to get to doctors appointment a how can I enter giveaway thank you. Chris

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