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3 Day Truck Accessory Giveaway

This Three day giveaway you don't want to miss!! All you need to do to get entered is order a pair of @pugs Inc Sunglasses from 
dieseltruckforabuck.com and one lucky winner will win
✔DP Light bar Package (54in lightbar, cubes and mounts)
✔CTS insight
✔Truck Bed 
✔Floor mats!!
Plus you will get entered to win the 650 super truck!!! So enter now!!



  • Tom McCandless

    I am a granite kitchen fabricator and installer working for my self and on my way home last night working late Wich happened to be Cinco de Mayo , I pulled off the free way and into the next on ramp safely pulling to the emergency lane before getting up on ifive in California to check my load thinking that if something flew out and hit some ones wind shield they could get hurt . My 1996 Ford f150 is my first truck, and she has been good to me , was shashed by a Hispanic person drunk at the wheel all most running me over and killing me while outside my driver side. After I picked my self up off the ground I went to check on the driver and his air bag deployed , truck totalled . He ran away when I went to my truck down the road on a hill to get my phone and he ran . In short I need a truck I just want to work

  • Andrew

    I want truck lol

  • Emilio Calderin

    Love the show huge fan. I’m trying to do what it says to enter into your truck giveaway and it won’t let me so if there is something I’m doin wrong please let me know what it is thank you.

  • Mason hanson

    Love ur guys trucks and shows when are u making more shows I watched them all like 15 times over

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