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F650 Super Truck Countdown Giveaway: AMP Steps

Only a few days left to enter to win the F650 Super Truck! To sweeten the deal... Today we are giving away a set of Amp Research PowerStep Running Bars ($1200 value).
All you have to do is place an order today (8/28/15) and enter the promo code AMPSTEPS at checkout, and we'll randomly pick a winner tomorrow. Stay tuned to dieseltruckforabuck.com because the Countdown Giveaways are going strong until we end with that magnificent 650.



  • Jaymi Wilson

    Red beards beard is awesome!
    I don’t know what would be better winning the Megaramrunner or having Red beards beard

  • Shawn

    SPONSOR. I live in Alabama, I would love to Have y’all as a sponsor for these mud racing events down here and become a rolling bill board for your company.

  • Jeff James Grose

    Hey diesel brothers I am a new fan of your show you guys build the sickest trucks I’ve ever seen I’ve been a gas motor guy my whole life drag racer guy Harley Davidson rider I’m slowly falling in love with diesel power seems like it’s endless it cost so much to build a gas motor to make power and grunt like your diesel motors do I have kind of an odd ball rare truck I have a 1997 Ford F2 50 light duty they call it a LD2 50 it’s a seven lug axle four-wheel-drive independent front suspension 4.6 L gas motor I think I have a ride on lawnmower faster than this thing but it’s been a damn good truck the cool part is a buddy at a Ford dealer told me they made less than 3% of these trucks in 1997 and only made them for a couple years the bad ass part one of the engine code options was 7.3 L Diesel motor I would love to straight axle this thing stretch it who knows it is a long bed single cab it would be one oddball build I think the fans and myself would love it My dad bought me this truck when I was in some hard times some years ago I just can’t get rid of it I keep it mechanically sound it’s never been an accident ever I’m the second owner I would love to enter your contest somehow and get this truck done the way it should’ve been from the factory with your kick ass shop skills this thing could be sick , times of been hard don’t want to be a crybaby on an email just thought I’d throw it out there and see if you guys were interested I can show you a profile on who I am what I do for a living on my Hobbys tons of photographs I work at California Muscle Cars Shop in Acton California hard-core gearhead drag racer but every man needs a bad ass diesel something to haul my hot rod to the drag races unconventionally would love to take this truck to several NHRA meets also plan on doing a Sturgis run me and my crew love riding our Harleys this truck would get a ton of eyes on it and your shop skills I know you guys are very well known not trying to get a freebie just thought it would be a kick ass build If there is a way to enter into some kind of entry or giveaway to build my truck that would be kick ass I would do it myself but I’ve invested a lot in my gearhead dragracing goodies i’m 48 years old and had to get out of construction my knees are done had a hip surgery already know I’m restoring in building custom muscle cars street rods drag cars etc. if you guys are interested I’ll send you everything you need thank you very much Jeff James Grose
  • Jason Jackson

    Big bad ass diesel trucks everywhere!!!! Driving a freightliner for a great company, I need a personal kick ass rise… You build the best I have seen!! RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!

  • Alfredo Blancarte

    You guys are the best I wach your show Iam looking for a diesel truck

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