Complete Kit (w/Sx8000 Shocks) Dodge Ram 4.5" 1994-1999
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Average Install Time: 7 to 9 Hours Recommended Tire Size: 35??? x 12.5??? Rim Backspacing:Standard Install Notes: New shocks are required. Will not fit with Off-roadster model (they come equipped with a factory lift). Part #37755 U-bolts required for vehicles with factory contact overloads. Will not fit vehicles with Dana 70 or Dana 80 front differential. Vehicles equipped with 2 piece rear drive shafts require carrier bearing drop #20824. Will not fit if vehicle was manufactured from 10/93 thru 02/94 Lift Kit w/Shocks 4.5 inch 3 inch Rear Lift SX8000 Shocks Shock Boots Coil Spring Spacers Rear Add-A-Leafs Blocks U-Bolts