Legion Tonneau Cover CHEVY/GMC
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Legion Tonneau covers were designed and built specifically for heavy-duty trucks is the toughest of conditions. Heat, cold, wind, or rain, this is the cover for you. Made with a silicon side lip instead of velcro, allows for a air tight seal that wont deteriorate over time. Aluminum fastening handle for extra durability. 


  • Ultra-rugged 8x8 polyester fleece cover with PVC cover;
  • Extruded aluminum profiles in 6063T5 alloy, being: side bars, rear bars, front and tensioning rails to support the canvas in case of water incidence;
  • Aluminum brackets and brackets injected into the SAE 306 alloy, promote locking of Tonneau cover;
  • Black epoxy resin painted steel parts with proven resistance in salt spray test for 480 hours;
  • Silicon lip sewn on the side of the cover for closing and tensioning it;
  • Aluminum central opening handle for releasing theTonneau cover