FASS Titanium Fuel System 125gph at 45psi 1994-1998 Dodge Cummins
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1994-98 4X4 Dodge Ram Cummins 125 GPH Flow Rate 45PSI Titanium Series

The Titanium Series diesel fuel lift pump was
engineered by FASS ( Fuel Air Separation
Systems ) to be the top performing, longest
lasting and most reliable aftermarket filtration
system in the diesel industry. 

A Titanium Series lift pump offers advance 
filtration benefits that will help protect your
injection systems, effectively extending the
life of both your Bosch Injection Pump and
Bosch Diesel Injectors. 


  • Improved filtration rating of 3 Microns
  • Built in water separation filter
  • Patented air / vapor removal process
  • 125 Gallon Per Hour

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