Scott Peck Entered A Diesel Power Gear Giveaway...
Here’s What Happened

Scott Peck has always been a fan of playing in the dirt and driving big trucks...but his real love is Baja racing.


He loved the big tires, the overhead lights, and the roar of those diesel engines.


Only trouble was, he always had to watch...he never got to compete.


See, Scott is a family man which meant he’s always put the well-being of his wife and kids ahead of his dreams.


Any extra money went towards kids’ college funds instead of towards his dream truck.


But that all changed when he heard about this company that would give you entries in a dream truck giveaway just for buying your truck stuff through them.


He thought it was too good to be true but decided to buy some break pads to see if it lived up to the hype.


Spoiler Alert: It did...and if you’re into trucks, you might like it too.




Diesel Power Gear is an online store that sells truck parts and swag to truck fanatics.


In exchange for being loyal customers, the Diesel Brothers of Diesel Power Gear give away incredible diesel trucks.




For every $5 you spend through any of the Diesel Brothers businesses, you receive one entry into the upcoming giveaway.


Buying a $10 hat gives you 2 entries and a $200 tire gives you 40.


When it's time for the drawing, they send all the entries off to a third party who randomly select 10 finalists...that way you know it's fair.


Once they receive the names of those 10 finalists, they put on a wild contest to determine the winner (and post it on YouTube for the whole world to see).


The winner gets the custom built diesel truck and the other finalists get some other sweet prizes.


So far they've given away more than 50 trucks...but they've got even bigger plans for the upcoming contests.


So that covers the essentials you need to know...but there’s ONE QUESTION I get more than any other that I want to address (as it might be on your mind).




The biggest question about the Diesel Brothers’ giveaway is...Isn’t this really just a lottery?


Great question...but a hard NO.


A lottery is an exchange of money for nothing of value except the tiny percentage of people who win.


These giveaways are how the Diesel Brothers show their gratitude for having awesome customers who spend money with their businesses.


You could totally buy your truck parts from some of the national chains...but once you cashed out, the transaction is done.


I don’t know about you but I’m all about businesses who are willing to give up some of their profits to make sure their customers are happy.


Scott Peck won the Rock n’ Rally Giveaway that landed him this incredible new Chevy Baja diesel.

And all he had to do was buy a few mud flaps.

Now he’s living his dreams running in Baja races while still being the model dad we can all look up to.



So if you want the chance to win your very own diesel truck, here’s what you need to do:


1) Click on the link below

2) Shop through all of truck parts and swag

3) Make a purchase of $5 or more


Don’t forget, for every $5 you spend, you get another entry into the upcoming giveaway.