Diesel Auto Power Performance Nozzles 6x0.013 SAC 145* Up To 150HP
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**Must Specify Vehicle Year In "Options Box" Above So We Can Send Correct Removal Tool/Nut Size**

Designed for less haze at idle and greater atomization, the custom designed 6x.013 SAC will provide slightly more fuel than 5x.014 nozzles.

Set of 6 Diesel Auto Power Performance Nozzles for Dodge 12 valve Cummins. 6 hole (0.013 inch holes) SAC style, 145* spray pattern. Compatible for years 1991-1998 if installed on 7mm bodies (89-91 non-intercooled injector bodies with 9mm injector nozzles may not seal properly). Installation kit included: (Injector Removal tool/nut, copper sealing washers, horseshoe/fuel return washers, dust seals/caps).

Approx Gains: P-Pump +150HP, VE +85HP