DP Premium Bamboo Sock
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The DP Premium features the bamboo you've come to expect and love. Offered in a much TALLER Boot Cut, that comes completely UP and OVER the CALF. For your taller boots, and sock needs. The FULL CUSHION socks we offer are what we wear each day, and is what we call, "The Working Man's, Or Woman's Sock." Its the one you want to put in your boots each and every day, or your shoes for long hard days on your feet! Once you have a FULL CUSHION sock on your feet its hard to go back! Some might think the sock is a bit thick for the cooler areas, but that's again where the properties of Bamboo come in. Due to the fact that there is more Bamboo product in the FULL CUSHION sock line, they warm the foot more efficiently in the cool, and cool better in the heat, that's bamboos Temperature Management. Also with the Odor Killing properties of Bamboo, offering as many as 7 to 10 DAYS with NO SMELL! Featuring Superior Moisture Wicking capabilities, and the Extended Durability of Bamboo.  If your looking for what we like to wear and put on our feet to start each day, it’s the DP Premium Bamboo FULL CUSHION Socks for us!



 It features 85% Viscose from Bamboo, 11% Nylon and 4% Spandex. A seamless open toe box and functional ribbing make the sock comfortable in all applications, and one you won't spend the day reaching down to pull them back up. It's the one we recommend!