DP Shaker Bottle
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This innovative new shaker allows you to hold your pills, powders and liquids in one easy-to-carry, compartmentalized cup!

The grid filter fits easily inside the top of the cup and is removable so you can add your powders, liquids, and ice. The bottom part of the shaker is a separate compartment that can be removed by turning the shaker cup counterclockwise while holding onto the bottom compartment. Inside the bottom compartment is another removable container that has lids top and bottom. Turn the lids on this removable compartment counterclockwise to expose a deep, wide indentation on one side for your powders and a segmented side on the other for tablets. All of these little compartments store neatly in the larger compartment. The larger container can be placed back in the bottom part of the shaker and re-attached or all pieces can be used individually! You can even use the bottom container to hold your keys or personal items while at the gym.

To use: simply add your protein and desired amount of liquid and shake to blend. The filter top helps break down the clumps and the snap top closure keeps your smoothie from spilling.

The top part of the cup holds 20 ounces of liquid and is a completely separate container from the bottom.

  • Mix protein shakes on-the-go
  • Volume measurements on both sides (20 oz total capacity)
  • Separate, removable bottom compartments to store capsules, powders, and/or keys
  • BPA free, leak proof, storage container, pill container and shaker
  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe