2003-07 Dodge Diesel 5.9 Common Rail Thunder 330 Large Flange Turbo 350-650 Horsepower
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5.9L 3rd Gen. THUNDER 330 Turbo. 2003-2007 Dodge 350-650 HP (Large flange) Turbo

The Thunder 330 is Industrial Injections latest turbo creation. Fits 03 - 07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. It is built from a BorgWarner S330. It is offered in Dodge 3rd generation configuration only. It is equipped with a 62mm compressor wheel and the proven 74mm exhaust wheel. The exhaust housing measures 14cm and is custom built. The 14cm exhaust housing comes standard with large wastegate passages built at the factory with the intention of relieving exhaust pressure in a hurry. Most turbos are equipped with a 30 lb. wastegate actuator. The Thunder 330 turbo comes standard with heavy-duty, 40 lb. wastegate actuator. The journal bearings in the Thunder 330 are larger and wider than that of a S300. This give the Thunder 330 more of a hydraulic advantage to keep the rotating assembly centered at higher boost pressures. Most S300 turbos come with a four pad thrust; however, the Thunder 330 comes standard with a six pad thrust. Bottom line, the Thunder 330 is a powerfully built turbo at a great price.