07.5-10 6.7L Dodge Cummins 6.7L Silver 62 PhatShaft Turbo
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6.7L Silver 62 PhatShaft Turbo. 400-650 HP** Turbo

The Silver 62 is our latest effort to balance the demands of towing and performance with a single turbocharger. It is designed to handle one or more fueling upgrades. It comes equipped with an extended tip 62mm compressor wheel. What separates the Silver 62 from the Super PhatShaft 62 is the 74mm turbine wheel. It??s outfitted with a polished compressor housing and 360 degree thrust bearing. The Silver 62 uses a 14 cm exhaust housing in which we modify the angle of the exhaust nozzle, maximize the wastegate ports, and enlarge the wastegate chamber for full wastegate travel. Like all PhatShaft turbochargers it is equipped with dual grooved high performance bearings and an adjustable boost elbow. The Sliver 62 can support horsepower ranges from 400HP to 650HP and is the best all-round turbo on the market today. To install on a 6.7L cummins motor it requires a 5.9L CR manifold, HX40 downpipe, coolant plugs and block plates. Also requires custom tune.Such as a H&S Performance product.