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  • 5w LED
  •  1100 raw lumens
  • 2.2" wide x .53" deep
  • Runs on 12v
  • Attaches via Dzus clip or M6 fasteners
  • IP68 rated waterproof & dust proof
  • Protected against RFI/EMC interference
  • Sold individually

If you need more or better light in or around your vehicle such as a dome light, under hood engine bay light, rock light, emergency repair light or whatever, the KC HiLITES Cyclone accessory light is for you. This compact 2.2" diameter light has a flat profile that allows you to install it wherever you need extra lighting the most. If you can't see you can't work and in the middle of the night when you have a problem is a terrible time to wish you had more light. For all old boy scouts and anyone who always wants to be prepared the KC HiLITES Cyclone Accessory Light is just what you need.