The Beast - Black Abs Triple Train Horn With Flat Rack Mount And Detachable Trumpets
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Part Number: K/A230

  • The Beast - Triple horn
  • Black ABS
  • Detachable trumpets
  • Construction: High Impact ABS
  • Max Input (psi): 175
  • Output (db) @ 100 psi: 150.6
  • Output (db) @ 150 psi: 153.3
  • Solenoid: Vortex 4 12-volt DC
  • Compressor and air tank needed to operate horns

For everyone who told us they wanted a louder, nastier train horn - here it is. The flat-rack design requires 40% less clearance than our 500 Series train horns. The trumpets can be separated from the mounting brackets for installation in vehicles that could not otherwise fit full-size train horns.