DP Paracord With Firestarter
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Never Worry About Being Stuck Without A Means To Make Fire Ever Again!!! Have you ever struggled with making a fire while camping or hiking? Now you can always be ready to start a fire with the DP Survival bracelet! The DP survival bracelet has a built in Ferrocerium Rod and Striker to start a fire, Loud Whistle built in to signal when in distress, 9 feet of Paracord is always at hand, just unravel and use. The bracelet is completely waterproof and dries quickly and is mildew resistant and won't fade in sunlight Great for EDC(Every Day Carry) and emergencies. A must have for the Survivalist/Prepper Striker/cutter can be used to cut paracord Goes great with your existing Tactical gear! This bracelet is made with Nylon 7-Strand Core Mil-Spec 550 LB Paracord. It unravels very easily and can help you do things like: Build a shelter Secure Equipment Hang food up from wild animals Splints Tourniquet String for make shift hunting bow Key fobs, Clothesline Fishing line (with inner strands) and much much more Side release buckle dimensions are: 2-3/8" L x 1-1/4" W x 3/8" Thick Suitable for wrist sizes that measure between 7 and 9 inches. Click ADD TO CART now and never again worry about being without a fire starter!