ReadyLift SHORT ARM 4.0" LIFT KIT W/ HD TRACK BAR 07-17 Jeep JK – Diesel Power Gear

ReadyLift SHORT ARM 4.0" LIFT KIT W/ HD TRACK BAR 07-17 Jeep JK
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Super Flex Short Arm (8) Lift Kit - 4.0" F/ 3.0" R.
Includes TCT Terrain Control Technology Joints & Original Currie Johnny Joints.
Includes Heavy Duty Front Track Bar.
2007-2017 Jeep JK Wrangler.
Recommend 77-6003 Heavy Duty Rear Trac Bars For Correct Geometry During Suspension Flex.
Requires Longer Shocks.
Allows for up to 37" Tall Tires when using flat fenders.
Some vehicles may require driveshaft mods.
Some vehicles may require exhaust spacer.

Jeep JK Wrangler - 2DR/4DR - 4.0" Super Flex Short Arm Suspension System w/ Heavy Duty Front Track Bar - USA Made!

Featuring new Terrain Control Technology Flext Joints and Currie Johnny Joints!


The new ReadyLIFT® Suspension Jeep JK Wrangler Super Flex Lift System offers the best performance and value on the market! Our short arms include Currie Johnny Joints on one end and the new TCT Terrain Control Technology flex joints on the other end. ReadyLIFT® has spent over a year developing what we guarantee is the best short arm Jeep JK system on the market today. From the trails of Moab and Rubicon to the extreme rock gullies of Big Bear, we have pounded, thrashed, twisted and throttled this system to the max to insure that what we offer to you Jeep owners is the absolute best short arm flex kit on the market.

The ReadyLIFT® Suspension 49-6608 2007-17 Jeep JK Wrangler 4.0" Super Flex with HD Front Track Bar system combines the best engineered solutions to create the ultimate yet more affordable 4.0" Lift Short Arm Flex Kit. If you have wanted a kit that features the best of everything, the ReadyLIFT® Super Flex System is it! How did we do it? First we analyzed inherent problems with other kits on the market then we summoned the experience of some of the biggest names in Jeep retailers and installers to point out where other systems fall short. Over the course of over a year of testing and development along with the approval of some of the most hard core Jeep installers, we are proud to offer what can be dubbed the absolute best Jeep JK Short Arm kit available.

The heart of the system is the development of beefy 1-3/4" - 5/16" DOM tube steel front and rear Control Arms,Shop All Parts which have been teamed with the absolute best and strongest flex joints on the market - the Currie Original Johnny Joint® on one end and our new patent pending TCT - Terrain Control Technology flex joints on the other end. No other joints on the market can compare when it comes to getting Maximum Articulation. That is a fact! The 4.0" of front lift and 3.0" of rear lift is achieved with ReadyLIFT® Off Road coil springs. This lift includes heavy duty extended length front and rear sway bar end links that do not compromise on road handling nor maximum flexing qualities. Includes new heavy duty front track bar with Johnny Joints®.

Recommend 47-6310 stainless steel exhaust spacer for 2012-up Jeeps for off road use.

This kit requires longer shocks. Recommend SST3000 ReadyLIFT shocks or chose lift kit 49-6609 which includes shocks.

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