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south bend clutch 94-04 Dodge
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DODGE 1994-04 1999-2000.5 5.9L

1994 - 2004 5.9L
Transmission: NV4500 5 speed

1999-2000.5 5.9L
Transmission: NV5600 (6 speed) with 235hp Non HO engine

Part # SDD3250-5

Street Dual Disc Clutch- Non SFI Approved
Comp 12 CB
Sprung or Rigid

  • Our 13" diaphragm style 3250 lb. Pressure plate offers maximum holding power with easy pedal effort.
  • The ceramic buttons will be facing the center plate. This will increase the holding power as well as increase the temperature capabilities to the intermediate plate.
  • Clutch discs are a dampened free travel design similar to the semi clutch to help reduce gear roll over.
  • Our one of a kind dampened center plate was designed to eliminate rattle when clutch is released.
  • First in the clutch industry! We have developed organic friction in a button form allowing us to create a multi friction, dual disc clutch. The organic will be facing the pressure plate and flywheel for smooth engagement yet still offers superior holding power.

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