South Bend Clutch Dual Disk NV4500 or Getrag 5 Speed
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1988 - 2004 5.9L
Transmission: NV4500 or Getrag (5 speed)
Part # SDD3250-5K

Street Dual Disc Clutch- Non SFI Approved
Comp 12 CB
Sprung or Rigid

  • Our 13" diaphragm style 3250 lb. Pressure plate offers maximum holding power with easy pedal effort.
  • The ceramic buttons will be facing the center plate. This will increase the holding power as well as increase the temperature capabilities to the intermediate plate.
  • Clutch discs are a dampened free travel design similar to the semi clutch to help reduce gear roll over.
  • Our one of a kind dampened center plate was designed to eliminate rattle when clutch is released.
  • First in the clutch industry! We have developed organic friction in a button form allowing us to create a multi friction, dual disc clutch. The organic will be facing the pressure plate and flywheel for smooth engagement yet still offers superior holding power.

South Bend Clutch heard the call for the organic dual disc clutch but wanted to offer the best in both durability and drive ability. How do they achieve that? In our 50 years of experience we knew that running an all organic dual disc would have it's problems. The intermediate (center) plate is approximately ½" thick whereas the pressure plate and flywheel castings are three times that. Running two friction surfaces on one thin casting will increase the temperature to that casting. Organic burn point is approximately 550 degrees whereas ceramic can reach 1,100 degrees. The immediate engagement points when the clutch is released for takeoff are the outside points of a dual disc clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. Being that there is only one friction surface running to these two points, and the fact that the pressure plate and flywheel castings are much thicker than the center plate, the temperatures cannot reach that of the center plate. This is why organic will work to the pressure plate and flywheel and not to the center plate.

South Bend Clutch feels they have reached a milestone in the clutch industry and hope that you will enjoy our hard work at being the industry leader in research and development of clutches for the diesel market.